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Diana Remaley, LMT
22 Crescent Road
Westport, CT

How am I different from other Licensed Massage Therapists?

I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage. This is useful for specific muscular and skeletal problems, in improving flexibility for all levels of athletes, and for simple everyday relaxation. I believe very deeply in the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. I think every client who comes through my office door deserves to feel better when walking out, so I strive to discover the stressors in each individual in order to facilitate the body's self-healing mechanisms.

I believe this differentiates me from other spas and massage therapists in the area. Spas and wellness clinics may try to relax tissue and make you feel calmer, while I believe in the ability of massage therapy to solve specific problems. I emphasize the "therapy" in the name of my profession; this has lead me to extensive training in many different methods of pain relief and treatment. I firmly believe that your body will feel differently when your session is over, no matter the physical issue you were experiencing when you arrived.

I invite you to begin to discover the benefits of massage therapy for yourself.

Diana Remaley Massage Therapy in Westport, CT

Monthly Special - August and September

30 Minute Session for only $40! (Save $10!)

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. And although we'd all like to have LONGER massage therapy sessions, booking 30 minutes is easy and quick and can often fit in your lunch hour! It's the perfect length of time to focus on one area of the body (might I suggest the face and neck, or hands and feet?). Even on a busy day, you'll be glad you took this 30 minutes for yourself!

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Golfing Stretches, Part 1
I'm dedicating two entries to stretches for golfers. This sport is deceptive - we don't sweat, but we use almost every major muscle group! In this entry, I'll explore stretching for the upper body groups. Stay tuned for the lower body groups in the next entry. Use these stretches before and after your golf sessions and you'll feel looser and more limber. And who knows? Maybe you'll get more eagles!

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Summer 2017
I've traveled so much this summer that I've put together a lovely full body stretching routine, and a quick and satisfying grain bowl for lazy summer evenings. Enjoy!
  • Travel Stretching Routine
  • Healthy Recipe: Asian-Inspired Brown Rice and Chickpea Bowl

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Diana Remaley, LMT
22 Crescent Road
Westport, CT